Since 1970, Chirurmedica is a Commercial Firm that supplies medical and surgical instruments and systems, diagnostics and surgical equipments, technical and scientific support.
Commercial and technical organization is composed by a specific team of cooperators that ensures a constant and ready help to all our customers, Hospitals, Benevolent Institutions, Private Hospitals, Doctors’ Surgeries, Group Practices, Universities, Research Institutes and Rehabilitation Centers. Our team also offers advice about the right instrumentation and its application, systems installation and their performances.


All the medical and surgical wards that can be interested in our products are:

General Surgeries
Heart Surgery
Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation
Brain Surgery
Vascular Surgery
Otolaryngology and Maxillo-Facial
Anaesthesia and Reanimation

The area in which Chirurmedica works with its exclusive products is composed by the following regions: ABRUZZO, MOLISE, MARCHE, EMILIA ROMAGNA, PUGLIA E CAMPANIA.


The Society Structure is organized by:
1 - A 2000 mt headquarter composed by:
Office Management
Commercial Offices
Administrative Offices
Sales Offices
Meeting Rooms
Show Room
Technical Assistance Laboratory
2 - Our staff that deals with Commercial, Administrative and warehouse offices;
3 - Sole agents for sales, promotion and demonstration of our systems;
4 - Technicians for Assistance Service.

According to Chirurmedica Firm, attention and care about post-sale service is an important requirement, indicating professional attitude towards all the customers.
This is the reason why courses for technical and personal training are periodically organized and take place in our general office or in our supplier’s offices.We also care about having the availability of spare parts and accessories in order to assure our good and continuing functioning systems.At the same time, we are also ready to give support to all the supplies that need a reintegration of utilized and/or installed equipment.

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